About Us

No New Animal Lab is a grassroots pressure campaign to stop Skanska USA and the University of Washington from building the Animal Research and Care Facility (ARCF), which would expand the number of animals held captive, abused, and killed at UW by thousands. We build public pressure through grassroots networking across the United States and internationally--organizing coalitions, cross-country tours, educational workshops, trainings, and concerted actions to amplify our impact.  

A Strategy to Win

Skanska is one of the biggest construction firms in the world; it operates internationally with billions in revenue from its projects. The construction budget for the lab is $90 million, which makes it a comparatively minor project. This is small change to them.

Skanska is also not new to controversy. They have a track record of terminating contracts and canceling projects when their image is on the line. Their long-term branding matters more to them than short-term small cash flows. They know that this lab does not fit their desired image. They even neglected to issue press releases about it, despite a tradition of boasting about their projects to the media.

The No New Animal Lab campaign revealed their dirty secret. Consistency will make them fold. It all hinges on our commitment to animal liberation. The lab will not be built if we sustain enough pressure. So what are you going to do?


Any critical reading of animal liberation history vindicates these strategies and tactics. No New Animal Lab is inspired by this history of grassroots animal liberation. Sustained pressure campaigns have a proven efficacy against animal industries. No New Animal Lab follows this arc, perfected by campaigns such as Consort Kennels, Save the Hillgrove Cats, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), and Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge (SPEAC). They shared common denominators—decisive relationships between pressure points, power, influence, degrees of investment, market dynamics, and systematic bottlenecks. They built upon a “people’s movement” model of animal liberation, that funneled mass participation into effective strategy.

The No New Animal Lab campaign is cut from this same clothe. It’s time that we make history once again in the animal liberation movement. We can stop the construction of this lab and show that we are still a force powerful enough to bring a corporation to its knees. Are you in?