Commitment to Anti-Oppression, Inclusivity, and Accountability

Animal use, abuse, and exploitation are forms of systemic oppression and violence, rooted in a web of social, cultural, and economic institutions—such as capitalism, colonialism, the State—and the oppressive structures that they give rise to—colonization, racism, sexism, patriarchy, classism, homophobia, transphobia. The work of animal advocates does not end simply with challenging animal industries in a vacuum. We must challenge the systems that engender violence and oppression, both externally and internally.

The No New Animal Lab campaign prioritizes movement building, networking, and facilitating internal leadership and empowerment, all of which require grounding in anti-oppression analysis and practice. All spaces, events, protests, and actions related to the campaign should be made to be as inclusive and safe as possible for participants.

Language and behavior that is consistent with (but not limited to) bullying, victim blaming, sexism, misogyny, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, Euro-centrism, white supremacy, nationalism will not be tolerated.

Silencing, dismissing, or invalidating the voices or experiences of people who are traditionally not given space will not be tolerated.

If anyone is made to feel harmed, triggered, uncomfortable, or unsafe, they will be the ones to determine what solution is satisfactory and how to hold any perpetrators accountable.

Unwanted physical contact will result in immediate and permanent removal from this campaign, network, and affiliated events. Immediate removal does not absolve anyone from future accountability.

These policies will be honored and enacted by an accountability team (see below), who are expected to facilitate a timely, appropriate, and desired response.

All those engaged in the No New Animal Lab campaign are accountable to an anti-oppression commitment. Campaigners are expected to recognize that internal group dynamics are inherently determined by social power and privilege, and that even these spaces can potentially reproduce oppressive systems.

Campaigners are expected to educate themselves on anti-oppression praxis and hold themselves accountable for transgressions. Anti-oppression resources can be provided upon request.

We recognize that resisting oppressive dynamics is a process and that even within our community these are recurring problems. We ask that you join us in consistently working to make spaces more safe and inclusive, and to be open to discussion about how to do so. We invite thoughts on how to better create these spaces, and we ask for respect for anyone who brings up concerns about oppressive behavior.

NOTE: These are guidelines and interpretation of this policy will differ from person to person. However, priority will always be given to those who have been directly affected by instance(s) of problematic, oppressive, or violent behavior.

Accountability Team

The No New Animal Lab campaign accountability team exists as a resource and safety net for anyone who has been made to feel unsafe, unwelcome, marginalized, silenced, or otherwise victimized—emotionally or physically.

The accountability team works to make the campaign, and the broader animal liberation movement, a safer space wherein challenging problematic behavior is not met with isolation or repercussion.

The team will respond to requests for accountability or support, and will follow through in a manner suitable to those impacted.

The team is made up of activists around the United States. There are no cis-gender men on the team, in order to keep it as safe, accessible, and welcoming as possible.

Anyone who wishes to reach out is not required to share any information that they are not comfortable with. The above processes and protocols exist to empower those who are in need of support, and decisions about procedure, disclosure, and necessity lie with them.