Get Involved

The growth and popularity of this campaign is no accident. It is the result of a well-developed strategy that embraces tactical diversity -- from signing petitions to taking direct action, from sending postcards to swarming in hundreds onto the streets. A diversity of tactics means that anyone can get involved at whatever level they find most comfortable, interesting, or effective. That's a good thing. It allows the campaign to remain fluid and adaptable, and that keeps our targets guessing and makes them struggle to repress our momentum.

The key is pressure. Constant, unrelenting pressure. The means to apply such pressure? Well, that's up to you. Take this campaign model and run with it. Embrace your favorite tactics, whatever they may be. Try new things. Push your own boundaries. Participate in our upcoming events. Plan your own. It all works to our advantage. 

The journey of this campaign is yours. We can be a resource along the way.