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#StormSkanska: Week of Action, February 2nd – 8th

The time for appeals to conscience has passed. Skanska is slated to begin construction of the new underground lab as early as April. Thousands of animals will be imprisoned in this lab if built. The clock is ticking. The only thing that stands in their way is grassroots pressure.

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Skanska office protest in Portland

Portland Animal Liberation held another demonstration yesterday against Skanska USA. The Portland office has seen numerous demonstrations and even an office invasion so far. It seems that Skanska has gotten a little cautious in response...

Reportback from Portland activists:

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Surprise Atlanta action against Skanska!

More people are getting involved in the No New Animal Lab campaign around the country. Some are getting extra creative with campaign at the local level. We're pleased to see folks on the East Coast increasing pressure!

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Activists protested Skanska USA's Los Angeles office TWICE this week!

Reportbacks from Southern California activists:

Protest 1:

On the morning of January 6th, a group of activists descended upon 12100 Wilshire Boulevard - SKANSKA USA’s corporate location in Los Angeles. Arriving with megaphones to ensure that their voices were heard by the residents of the building, the activists also brought posters bearing grim images that reveal the fate of future animals should SKANSKA USA follow through with their plans to build a new animal lab at the University of Washington.

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Protesting Skanska USA from coast to coast!

This week activists in both Seattle and Atlanta held protests at Skanska USA offices in their cities, showing the company that this campaign is active from coast to coast. In Seattle, activists armed with bullhorns chanted outside of Skanska's office building for an hour, making it clear to Skanska that this campaign is continuing to build and home demos are soon to come against Skanska executives if they don't cut their contract with the University of Washington. We received this message from the activists in Atlanta:

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