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LA Skanska Protest & Week of Action against the AETA

Reportback from Southern California activists:

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Call to Action

I’ve visited the site of the proposed animal lab several times -- a long patch of grass, with a view of the bay behind it. But the last time I visited, that changed. The grass was gone, and the area was now surrounded by a fence and signs that warned trespassers to stay out. As I walked up to the fence and looked through the holes of the chain link, I felt tears gather.

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Valentine's Day Home Demos!

Reportback from Seattle activists:

Activists in the Seattle area celebrated Valentine's Day by having a series of home demos in the neighborhoods of key players in the plans to build a new animal lab.

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Another Skanska office protest in Seattle!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:

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UW students show opposition to lab plans during the Regents' Meeting

On Thursday, February 12, the University of Washington Board of Regents convened for one of their regular meetings. It was at one of these meetings that the Regents voted to approve construction of a new animal research facility, which was the catalyst for the launch of the No New Animal Lab campaign. 

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Another #StormSkanska Report: San Antonio!

Activists from throughout Texas came together to protest at Skanska's San Antonio office during #StormSkanska. Despite police and security presence, the activists have already gone back for another protest and have plans for more in the works.

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#StormSkanska at Stockholm World Headquarters

From activists in Stockholm, Sweden: 

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Activists in NYC stormed Skanska's U.S. Headquarters!

Reportback from activists in NYC:

Tuesday, Feb 3:

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