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#StormSkanska Actions in Arlington!

From activists in Virginia, DC, and Maryland:

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Activists in the NW converge to up their campaign skills and protest Skanska!

The weekend after a Weekend of Action in Seattle, activists converged in Portland for the Northwest Regional Animal Liberation Forum to continue to learn more about engaging in pressure campaigns and to have the biggest home demonstration that has happened in Portland in years.

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#StormSkanska protest in Chicago!

Reportback from Chicago area activists:

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Activists expose a Skanska executive to his neighbors

From an anonymous source:

On the morning of February 4, 2015, activists visited the home of Jose Rafael Cortes in Florida. Jose is Vice President of Business Development at Skanska USA, and thus has sway over the decision to fund the University of Washington's new animal laboratory project. Signs were placed in Jose's lawn to make sure his neighbors know that he is profiting off of animal torture. A note was also delivered to Jose. The note read:

Dear Jose Rafael Cortes,

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Seattle activists continue to #StormSkanska!

Reportback from Seattle activists:

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Philly gets involved in the campaign with #StormSkanska!

Reportback from Philadelphia-area activists:

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Activists #StormSkanska in Connecticut!

Reportback from Connecticut-area activists:

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South Florida activists join forces to #StormSkanska!

Reportback from South Florida activists:

As part of the Storm Skanska Week of Action, over a dozen folks from Everglades Earth First!, South Florida Smash HLS, and the Free Lolita campaign, among others, met at Skanska USA's Fort Lauderdale offices to protest the company's construction of an underground vivisection facility for the University of Washington.

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Los Angeles keeps up the pressure during #StormSkanska!

Reportback from Southern California activists:

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