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Sunday Home Demonstrations in Seattle!

From Seattle area activists: 

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Seattle Protests Persist Unshaken

From Seattle activists: 

This week ushered in a new arena for the No New Animal Lab campaign to take on Skanska USA--the courtroom. On Thursday, NNAL campaigners and the National Lawyers Guild began a journey through legal proceedings between Skanska executives and a Seattle NNAL organizer against whom they filed injunctions. Currently the proceedings have been granted a stay until Tuesday, at which time we will know more.

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Newsletter #2 Available!

We're so excited to announce that our second issue of the No New Animal Lab campaign newsletter is available! It looks amazing and covers campaign news, analysis, and resources. We have a bunch of these and we want to get them into your hands! Please get in touch if you'd like a copy or if you want to be distributor.

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Call for Support!

"What is scary in this world is oppression and injustice, when people hurt people, animals and nature. What is beautiful in this world is resistance, when people say 'enough is enough' and act. Oppression and injustice are everywhere, but so is resistance. Because some people know that if you fight you might lose, but if you don't fight, you've already lost."

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PRESS RELEASE: Animal Activists and Seattle National Lawyers Guild Defend Free Speech Against Skanska SLAPP Injunction

Multi-billion dollar corporation sues grassroots activist in attempt to silence the No New Animal Lab campaign; activist fights back with anti-SLAPP motion.  

Seattle, WA —  Thursday, March 26, an organizer with the No New Animal Lab campaign has a court hearing to fight a petition for a permanent injunction filed on behalf of executives of Skanska USA. The construction firm Skanska has been the subject of the national protest campaign due to their contract to build the University of Washington’s Animal Research and Care Facility (ARCF), a proposed underground animal laboratory.

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Skanska USA Headquarters Protest!

Reportback from NYC area activists:

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Three surprise nighttime home demos!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:

Activists in the Seattle area had a busy Tuesday night protesting at the houses of three people who are key players with the University of Washington's plans to build a new animal lab: Ana Marie Cauce (Interim President), David Anderson (Executive Director of the Health Sciences Administration), and Paul Jenny (Vice Provost of Planning and Budgeting).

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Another protest at Skanska's San Antonio office!

Activists in Texas continue to protest Skanska every week at their San Antonio office, showing the company that activists all over the country are following through on their promise to pressure Skanska everywhere until they

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