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Takeover of University of Washington President's Office!

Today the No New Animal Lab campaign took over the office of the University of Washington's President Ana Mari Cauce. Supporters of the campaign first met for a rally at the UW's famed Drumheller Fountain, and then brought the rally throughout the campus. People marched through Red Square, where they used bullhorns to announce to student onlookers that the UW needs to end all investment in the continued use of animals in research. The crowd of campaign supporters then walked with signs and banners to the student union building...where they walked inside with bullhorns at full volume.

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From Letter Writing to Home Protests

From Portland activists: On Monday evening Portland Animal Liberation hosted a letter writing event for the public to send letters directly to those responsible for the ARCF project--UW, Skanska USA, and Northwest Construction, Inc. Volunteers got together to express written concerns about the ARCF lab and animal research.* The letter writing event wasn't limited to writing Skanska, UW, or NW Construction. Attendees also wrote to prisoners to send support and solidarity behind bars.

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Bake Sales and Home Demos!

From Portland activists: 

Ever since the No New Animal Lab campaign revealed that Skanska would be building the Animal Research & Care Facility, advocates have been pressuring executives to withdraw from their contract with University of Washington. Every passing day in which Skanska refuses to do so only invites further pressure.

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Northwest Construction Phone Action - Thursday!

This week, Northwest Construction was announced as a new target of the No New Animal Lab campaign. Let's give them a proper welcome to the campaign this Thursday with a day of phone calls to their office!

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Upcoming Rally at the University of Washington!

In the wake of the momentum of the March on UW, join others for a rally at the University of Washington to show that the No New Animal Lab campaign will still be brought onto the UW campus!

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Seattle: Home Protests at Night, Office Demos in the Morning

From Seattle activists:

After witnessing the momentum of the campaign and mass opposition at the #MarchonUW, Skanska has been shying away from media and public criticism, especially in Seattle. So activists in Seattle have made a point to bring them back into the picture, and apply consistent pressure as a reminder that they cannot escape the campaign. Skanska executives dealt with such pressure on Thursday night and Friday morning, with back to back home protests and an office demonstration.

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