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Summer Tour Announcement!

The No New Animal Lab campaign is preparing to hit the road! The pressure against the lab is continuing to build, and this summer the animal liberation movement will take the country by storm. Get ready for it.


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Protest at the Home of Richard Cavallaro--CEO of Skanska USA!

From New York activists:

As pressure builds across the country against Skanska USA, New York City activists have set the bar high with their new high profile target--Richard Cavallaro.

Richard Cavallaro, President/CEO of Skanska USA Inc.

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Overnight chalking at ZGF & Skanska Offices in Seattle and Portland!

In the wake of welcoming ZGF Architects to the No New Animal Lab campaign for ZGF's role as the designer of the underground animal lab, activists in both Seattle and Portland chalked the sidewalks in front of ZGF offices in both cities overnight to expose the corporation. Activists in Portland followed the ZGF visit with a visit to Skanska's Portland office, where they continued chalking. This morning as ZGF and Skanska employees went to work, they got to see the messages calling on the companies to each do their part in stepping away from working on the lab.

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Office disruption and balloon release to welcome ZGF to the NNAL campaign!

ZGF Architects designed the underground Animal Research and Care Facility and has been working closely with the University of Washington and Skanska as they move forward in executing the plans for the new lab...and so ZGF has earned the attention of the No New Animal Lab campaign. We are calling on ZGF to terminate all continued assistance to the UW and Skanska on the ARCF project. Until then, ZGF can expect to experience opposition to their facilitation of the torture of animals.

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Cell Phone Blockade: Call/Text UW Leadership!

Below are cell numbers of people in leadership positions at the University of Washington who are involved in the plans to build a new underground animal lab. Call/text the people to tell them to not build a new lab!

Ana Mari Cauce

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Portland Skanska Executives Receive Late Night Messages

From anonymous Portland activists:  Executives from the Portland Skanska office woke up this morning to messages from the No New Animal Lab campaign, which covered their neighborhoods.

David "Schmidty" Schmidt


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The pressure continues in Portland!

Reportback from Portland area activists: The week after 500 people marched on the University of Washington, activists gathered in Portland to channel the energy from the march into continued campaign pressure against Skanska. Although a lot of focus has been on the UW recently following the ruling that the UW Regents broke the law 24 times for having secret meetings (including about the Animal Research and Care Facility) and the march, Skanska cannot rest easy...

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Seattle Takes on Skanska!

From Seattle activists: 

After an impressive weekend of action in Seattle, which centered around the massive #MarchonUW, local animal advocates have quickly resolved to direct pressure back to Skanska USA as well as the University of Washington. Less than a week has passed and activists already want to channel momentum towards the construction firm responsible for building the lab. Skanska can't slip away from the public spotlight and from public scrutiny. They were awarded this contract in secrecy and, like the UW Board of Regents, they have blood on their hands.

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Skanska protest in Pennsylvania!

Activists in the Philadelphia area traveled out to Skanska's Blue Bell, PA, office for a protest during World Week for Animals in Labs. Here's their reportback:  

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