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No New Animal Lab Tour and 2nd March on the University of Washington

Less than eight months ago, a small but determined group of people wrote the words "No New Animal Lab" in black paint across a flannel bed sheet. Although they were preparing late into the night, the full impact of their efforts would last well beyond...

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Home and Office Protests Persist in Seattle

From Seattle activists:

As summer heats up across the Northwest, activists in Seattle have been organizing some of their favorite outdoor activities--office and home protests against Skanska USA!

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Charges filed against activists who locked to excavator for 12 hours

The two activists who locked themselves to an excavator on the construction site for the lab received notification that they will be arraigned next week on charges of Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree, a misdemeanor under Washington State law.

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Midnight Vigil at David Schmidt's House

From Portland activists: 

After a weekend of action, networking, and organizing that ended with a 50-person demonstration outside the home of David Schmidt and a bogus arrest, Skanska has again been laying low, hoping to have sent a message to the public that opposition will be quenched. Instead and with quick resolve, animal advocates have brought pressure back on Skanska and its executives.

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Water Works at David Schmidt's

Following the Resistance Ecology Conference, attendees boarded Portland's famed "cool bus" (a blue school bus that has a long history of transporting people to demonstrations) to travel to the home of David Schmidt, the Skanska COO who signed the contract for the Animal Research and Care Facility on behalf of Skanska USA -- willing to use his name to make a deal to facilitate the torture and death of thousands of animals in an underground lab. But when people come to his neighborhood to hold him accountable for that signature, he won't even show his face.

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Surprise Skanska Office Protest in Seattle!

Reportback from Seattle activists:

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Office Protests and Surprise Home Demos: Pressure Continues in the NW

From Seattle and Portland activists: 

While Skanska and UW have been using this last week to recover from the direct action that stopped all site work on Monday, campaigners in the Seattle and Portland have kept on the pressure. Rather than take any breaks, which would allow Skanska or UW some breathing room, activists quickly got active on the streets to resume office protests and home demos.

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