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More Solidarity Chalking in Basel, Switzerland

Sidewalk chalk has seen a resurgence recently, in response to Skanska's collusion with Beaverton PD to arrest four activists for writing in sidewalk chalk outside the home of David Schmidt, Skanska's COO in the Northwest. These activists were later delivered a "no complaint" from the District Attorney's office, meaning that no charges would be filed against them.

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Big office protest in Seattle!

From Seattle activists: 

Yesterday was a strong showing of opposition to Skanska in Seattle. Around 20 activists from across the Northwest made an appearance outside of Skanska's Seattle office. They chanted and celebrated Portland's recent good news by filling the sidewalks with chalk.

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Chalk! Chalk! Chalk!

From Portland activists: 

One day after finding out that the District Attorney of Washington County decided not to file charges against four activists accused of chalking, protesters spontaneously decided to visit the Portland Skanska office, home base of David Schmidt.

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Solidarity Chalk in Berlin!

Last week, 4 activists were arrested in Beaverton, OR for allegedly writing in washable sidewalk chalk as part of the No New Animal Lab campaign. Only a few days later, activists from across the Atlantic sent this message of solidarity:

"We didn't think we would ever say this but police absurdity knows no limits, so here it goes: solidarity with the activists who got arrested for chalking. 
-Activists from Berlin"

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