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Special Black Bloc Visit to David Schmidt's

Received anonymously: 

A small group, clad in black from head to toe, made a surprise trip to Beaverton, OR, late Thursday night. David Schmidt, Skanska’s regional operations head, and his visiting family were likely sleeping off their Thanksgiving meal when they were roused by the sounds of sirens, whistles, and screaming chants outside their home.

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Late Night Chalking in NY

From anonymous activists: 

Following Thanksgiving celebrations last night, activists visited the Huntington Bay home of Richard Cavallaro, Skanska USA’s CEO and President. While he and his family soundly slept, Richard’s nighttime visitors left chalk messages on the streets all around his home. The messages let his neighborhood know of his company’s involvement in animal torture, and Richard’s gross indifference to the animal’s that he plans to bury underground.

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Protests & Chalk at Skanska's Offices in Portland!

From Portland activists: 

Despite the growing cold weather in Portland, activists showed up outside of the KOIN Center in downtown Portland today to Protest the corporate offices of Skanska USA. Skanska, private security, and the Portland police have repeatedly attempted to intimidate activists with the campaign through surveillance and threats of arrests and citations. It is typical for building security, city security, and police to film and take pictures while protesters chant, hold signs, and chalk.

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Activists in BC Disrupt Lecture By UW Researcher!

From activists in Vancouver, BC:

On the morning of November 9th, University of Washington researcher Jeremy Duffield was scheduled to give a lecture about his research at University of British Columbia’s Biomedical Research Centre in Vancouver, BC.

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Solidarity Occupation and Redecoration of Skanska Worksite in NY!

Reposted from Hudson Valley Earth First!: 

For Friday the 13th last week, a couple of lawless troglodytes had a festive decorating party and short occupation of a temporary work zone being used to install a water line connecting the city of Middletown to CPV’s toxic gas power plant in Wawayanda NY.

Our message is simple: FUCK SKANSKA.

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First Anniversary Celebration: Weekend Full of Protests!

Reportback from Portland activists:

Friday was the first anniversary of the No New Animal Lab campaign, so activists in the Portland area celebrated with a surprise protest at the home of Tim Baugus, a Senior Vice President with Skanska. And that was just the start to a full weekend of celebrating!

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Saturday Morning Protest Against DC-Area Skanska Executive

From DC Activists:

DC-area activists weren’t surprised to meet grumpy neighbors when we went to the home of Stephen Skinner, Executive VP and General Manager of Skanska’s DC office.  These folks have met No New Animal Lab protests before, responding with angry chants and phone calls to the cops.

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"Good Morning" Home Demo in Colorado!

Reportback from Colorado activists:

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#SwarmNewYork Rideshares & Housing Form

Here is a rideshare and housing form for ‪#‎StormSkanska‬ ‪#‎SwarmNewYork‬. If you need a ride or can offer a ride, if you need housing or can offer housing, please fill this form out so that we can organize this information and begin sorting out how to get as many people to New York as possible. 

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