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Mark Your Calendars for #StormSkanska: Swarm New York!

In December of 2012, Skanska USA was granted a contract from the University of Washington for the development and construction of the Animal Research & Care Facility, a covert underground lab intended to centralize animal research and vastly increase the number of animals that will be caged, abused, and killed. It was at this moment that Skanska chose to involve itself with the vivisection industry and to profit from the imprisonment and torture of endless generations of animals by literally burying them underground. They were eagerly prepared to make millions.

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Visits to Skanska Executives' Houses in So Cal!

From Los Angeles area activists: As part of the #HauntSkanska weekend of action, people decided to make some visits to the houses of Skanska executives in the Los Angeles area. First was a Halloween home demo at the house of Executive Vice President Mike Aparicio at 867 Roxbury Drive in Pasadena. Wearing masks for Halloween and carrying bullhorns, the activists made a loud appearance -- and were met by livid neighbors.

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Mischief Night Visit to Skanska Executive's Home

Received anonymously: 

"Portland-area Skanska Senior Vice President Tim Baugus woke up to a special Mischief Night surprise on Saturday morning. Late the night before, his front yard was turned into a “House of Horror,” with bloodied and mutilated stuffed animals hanging from bushes and a banner strung up that read, “Skanska House of Horror,” so that community trick-or-treaters were warned to avoid his house. In the traditional spirit of Mischief Night, his house was also decorated with toilet paper.

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Skanska banners in D.C. get "redecorated"

Received anonymously: 

Activists paid a visit to a Skanska construction site in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to remind the company that their contract to build an animal testing facility in Seattle will have repercussions across the country. The activists repurposed dozens of Skanska banners, and billboards, letting the public know the truth about their dealings in animal cruelty.

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Halloween visit to the home of Skanska CEO Richard Cavallaro -- with Richard Cavallaro masks!

From NYC Animal Defense League: 

On Halloween night, activists from NYC Animal Defense League visited the home of Skanska USA President & CEO, Richard Cavallaro at 6 Castle Harbor Road in Huntington Bay, Long Island.

Being in the Halloween spirit, the protesters dressed up as Richard Cavallaro himself, wearing masks with his face on it, while others dressed as the mice he will ultimately be responsible for torturing and killing if this lab is built.

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#HauntSkanska Creeps Over Portland

From Portland activists: 

This Fall is a somber time as UW begins a new school year hoping to divert attention away from the lab and its opposition, and Skanska entrenches itself further in an industry of animal abuse, torture, and death. It is truly scary to think that these institutions want nothing more than to make money from the senseless captivity and suffering of animals. It is haunting.

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