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Make a Year-End Donation to Stop the Lab!

Dear friends and supporters,

Right now, animals are trapped inside of labs. They are bolted to restraint devices, injected with poison, cut open while alive and conscious, sit alone for hour after hour in a cold metal cage. They cry, but we can’t hear them. They convulse, but we can’t hold them. They lose all hope from their eyes, but we can’t see them. We cannot let the walls sever us from their struggle. We must work desperately to save others from the same fate.

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Animal Rights Activists Fight Corporate Lawsuits




Animal Rights Activists Fight Corporate Lawsuits

No New Animal Lab Activists Appeal Decision on Skanska Restraining Orders



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Activists Visit Philadelphia-Area Skanska Executives

Early Sunday morning, concerned activists visited the homes of two Philadelphia-area Skanska executives, Edward Szwarc and Bill Sahwell. Calls for #NoNewAnimalLab shattered the false tranquillity of the isolated, upper-class neighborhoods, recounting the horrors of animal testing and the last chance for Skanska to avoid blood on their hands. Although neither Skanska executives dared come out from their homes, numerous messages were left for them on their sidewalks and streets, reminding them that we will be back. Resistance is brewing in Pennsylvania.

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Black Bloc Returns To David Schmidt's House!

Received from anonymous activists: 

In the very early morning hours of December 13, a group of activists crept quietly into the cul de sac of David Schmidt to protest Skanska's involvement in animal suffering. Their silence immediately turned into a blistering cacaphony of bullhorn sirens, air horns, and chants, waking David, his family, and the rest of his neighborhood. Before anyone could come outside or call the police, the group was gone. 

More of these surprises await anyone involved in the lab, especially Skanska's executives.


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Bad Morning for Richard Cavallaro

From New York activists: 

Around 6am on Friday morning, activists stirred the neighborhood of Richard Cavallaro by protesting and projecting images of animals suffering labs onto his driveway. These images are the reality that animals will face every second of every day if this lab is built. Richard and Skanska plan to build it.

Richard: Activists will keep coming back and our numbers will continue to grow. Are you ready for when we #SwarmNewYork?

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