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"Skanska: Building on Animal Cruelty" Banner Drop on the Manhattan Bridge!

The NYC Animal Defense League received word this morning that a banner reading "Skanska: Building on Animal Cruelty" was dropped from the Manhattan Bridge!

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Pre-"Swarm New York" activity in Philadelphia!

Building on the excitement of the upcoming #SwarmNY actions, activists visited the neighborhoods of two Philadelphia-area Skanska executives. They left messages around the neighborhoods, pointing out the power these executives, Edward Szwarc and Bill Sahwell, have over the suffering of thousands of animals. 

As people from all around the region prepare to converge on Skanska's US headquarters, executives should take this opportunity to make the right decision and stop the construction of this animal torture facility. #StormSkanska #SwarmNY 

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#SwarmNewYork Schedule Announced!

#StormSkanska: Swarm New York is under two weeks away! If you haven't made your plans yet, now is the time to commit. Be there and be a part of the critical mass. We will converge in the hundreds on their home turf and shut them down.

Now, as the weekend approaches, we are announcing the schedule of events! 



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