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Phoenix Activists #StormSkanska and Promise More to Come!

On Wednesday, as part of the StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances - Week of Action!, the newly-formed 

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Surprise BlackRock Protest in Chicago!

Last week, a group of activists had a surprise protest at BlackRock's Chicago office, located at 227 W Monroe Street. They first attempted to go up to the office on the 29th floor of the skyscraper to deliver a letter, but security guards and gates prevented them from doing so without a key card. They then spoke to the lobby receptionists about being allowed entry into the elevators to deliver a letter, and the receptionists connected them to the BlackRock office over a building phone to ask for permission to come up to the office.

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Visit to BlackRock's Seattle Office

Last week, Seattle area activists attempted to deliver a letter to BlackRock's Seattle office to make sure executives there are aware that their corporation's investment in Skanska has intertwined them with the controversy surrounding the building of UW's underground animal lab. But delivering a letter was much more complicated than expected because this is not the first time that BlackRock has made a bad investment in animal torture.

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Dr. John Pippin on why the UW shouldn't build a new animal lab

UW Board of Regents: Ignore future realities at your peril 

February's regular meeting of the University of Washington Board of Regents was anything but routine. With many opponents of UW's proposed new Animal Research and Care Facility (ARCF) in attendance, the Board heard my Skype presentation explaining why the plan to build the ARCF is scientifically, fiscally, and ethically a poor decision.  

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Announcing Skanska's Biggest Shareholders!

With the #StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances - Week of Action about three weeks away, we are pleased to now publicly disclose Skanska's largest shareholders. These investment firms, central banks, and asset and pension management companies are some of the largest financial institutions in the world. They prop up Skanska and effectively fund the construction of the animal lab.

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#StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances!

Skanska’s annual shareholders’ meeting is approching on April 6 in Stockholm. All of the most influential executives, insiders, and shareholders from around the world will be in one place, with all eyes on Skanska. So we are planning a new week of action to coincide with this crucial time for the company. We are calling it #StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances. Get ready to be a part of it.

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Update on Oregon SLAPP

Over one month ago, just as people from all across the country were arriving in New York for the #StormSkanska: Swarm New York weekend of action, Skanska executives in Northwest filed injunctions against four activists and “No New Animal Lab” to stifle campaign activity in the Portland area.

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