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Activists in Vancouver Protest Invesco!

From activists in Vancouver:

In honor of World Day for Lab Animals, activists in Vancouver, BC, Unceded Coast Salish Territories, teamed up with STOP UBC Animal Research and leafleted outside Invesco's office building downtown to promote pressure on Invesco to stop funding animal torture by divesting from Skanska.

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Protesters Surprise BlackRock Executive in Colorado

From Denver activsts: 

On Sunday, April 3, activists in Denver protested Charles Thomas Akin II, Vice President of BlackRock. Although BlackRock lacks any corporate office in the Denver area, Mr. Akin still serves as a regional execuitive and representative of the company. So local activists made the point to protest him and BlackRock for their involvement in animal research through their investments in Skanska. This protest was part of the #StormSkanska: Fracture Their Finances - Week of Action.

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Visit to the home of a BlackRock executive in Seattle!

Over the weekend, people visited the home of Bryan White, the co-founder of BlackRock's Fund of Hedge Funds. Someone knocked on his door to talk with him about using his influence at BlackRock to convince the corporation to stop investing in Skanska and its plans to build an underground animal lab.

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Dallas Activists Protest Invesco Office

From Dallas activsts: 

Last Friday, a dozen members of Animal Connection of Texas, armed with posters and bullhorns, arrived at the Dallas offices of Invesco - a major Skanska investor and accomplice in the construction of an underground animal testing facility at the University of Washington. If completed, this lab would be a prison to thousands of animals as they are routinely tortured, terrorized, and inevitably killed.

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Activists Protest BlackRock in Chicago!

From Chicago activists: 

Chicago activists met downtown on Wednesday to urge BlackRock to get out of the business of animal experimentation. We let them know that they should stop investing in Skanska, a company that has blood on its hands. Skanska is building an underground animal research lab, and BlackRock is one of Skanska biggest financial backers.

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San Francisco visits to investor offices!

This week in San Francisco, people visited the offices of Skanska-investors Alecta and BlackRock, both located in the towering buildings of the city's financial district.

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DC Stampede Holds BlackRock Accountable

From DC activists: 

This morning, as part of the ‪#‎StormSkanska‬ Week of Action, we spoke to employees at BlackRock's DC building as they headed in to work. BlackRock is one of the largest institutional investors in Skanska, who is building an underground animal torture center.

We're excited that events have been happening in a dozen cities across the country! Skanska and their investors should take heed that the campaign will only continue to grow until they drop the contract. 

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Activists in Portland Confront BlackRock Executive on Front Doorstep

From Portland activists: 

In support of the Storm Skanska: Fracture Their Finances week of action, animal advocates in Portland decided to visit Michelle Gans, Director and Investment Management Consultant for BlackRock, at her Lake Oswego home. In her role as a regional Director, Michelle Gans oversees sales and distribution of BlackRock's portofolios throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is BlackRock's sole executive in the Portland area. She holds a position of influence in BlackRock's corporate hierarchy. 

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