Skanska office disruption with Santa in Portland!

Skanska USA plans to build a new underground animal lab for the University of Washington, so Santa and friends made a special visit to Skanska's Portland office to spread some holiday spirit...

The clock is ticking. Skanska still plans to break ground. What are you going to do about it?


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Multiple Skanska Protests in the Pacific Northwest!

Animal activists around the country have begun to increase pressure against Skanska USA. Only a few weeks into the campaign and there have been protests in Seattle, Portland, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Atlanta, DC, Ft. Lauderdale, and New Haven.

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Announcing Weekend Cyber Actions Against Skanska!


Skanska USA is planning to build a new underground animal research facility for the University of Washington, and NO NEW ANIMAL LAB is an international campaign to convince Skanska to cut their contract with the UW.

A multi-billion dollar corporation that is planning to profit off of building a facility that would house the torture of thousands of animals shouldn't get to have weekends away from being told to NOT build a new lab.

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Skanska USA office disruption in Los Angeles!

Activists are starting to increase pressure against Skanska USA and their offices around the country. Just one week after the National Day of Action, activists in Los Angeles disrupted the local office with bullhorns, sirens, chanting, and flyers.

Little actions like this, in larger numbers, are an effective way to build pressure against the decision makers at Skanska USA. They are easy, take little time, and can have an impactful cumulative effect.

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National Day of Action Wrap Ups!

For the National Day of Action against Skanska USA, activists in nine different cities all over the U.S. held protests at Skanska offices. The overall message of the day was clear: Skanska needs to end their plans to build a new animal lab for the University of Washington, and this day was just the beginning of the campaign to convince Skanska to do so. Please check out the wrap ups from each participating city, and get involved! This is a rare chance to stop a lab before it’s even built.

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Target: Skanska USA

With the University of Washington (UW) Board of Regents recent vote to approve the Animal Research & Care Facility (ARCF), the No New Animal Lab campaign has shifted focus and pressure onto the point of construction...

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