BREAKING: Victory in lawsuit against UW Board of Regents!

uw regents

This morning Judge Laura Inveen of the King County Superior Court in Seattle ruled that the University of Washington Board of Regents violated Washington's Open Public Meetings Act for all of the twenty-four private dinner meetings that they held at the President's mansion over the last few years. One of these private dinner meetings was the meeting at which the Regents came to the decision to approve the construction of the Animal Research and Care Facility -- hidden away from having to be accountable to the public in their discussions to build a new animal lab.

This ruling sheds further light on the UW's attempts to hide the new animal lab. From building it underground to having secret meetings, the UW has acted as though it can keep its plot to expand animal research in the shadows without any consequence. The OPMA lawsuit, initiated by a No New Animal Lab organizer, was the catalyst for the campaign, and now this ruling should add further fire to the movement to stop the lab from being built. We have pulled the UW Regents and other leadership into the sunlight, uncovering their corruption and vulnerabilities, and that light is only going to get brighter.

Tomorrow, be a part of the #MarchonUW. Show the University of Washington that they can't hide, and that this lab will not be built.