Seattle: Home Protests at Night, Office Demos in the Morning

From Seattle activists:

After witnessing the momentum of the campaign and mass opposition at the #MarchonUW, Skanska has been shying away from media and public criticism, especially in Seattle. So activists in Seattle have made a point to bring them back into the picture, and apply consistent pressure as a reminder that they cannot escape the campaign. Skanska executives dealt with such pressure on Thursday night and Friday morning, with back to back home protests and an office demonstration.

On Thursday night, activists visited the residences of Dave Harrison (Senior VP), Lew Guerrette (ARCF Team Leader), and Chris Toher (Executive VP, Seattle).

dave-harrison-skanska Dave Harrison 

lew-guerrette-skanska Lew Guerrette

chris-toher-skanska Chris Toher

House after house, campaigners chanted and chalked to hold these decision makers accountable.






After a long night of home demonstrations, activists woke up bright and early to greet Skanska at their offices the following morning.





After chanting and chalking outside their offices, James McReynolds, Senior Project Manager at Skanska USA, drove up to the protest and began using his car horn in an attempt to disrupt the protest. He failed, as this only added to protest energy. He drove off defeated and the protest continued.

james-mcreynolds-skanska James McReynolds