Announcing New Target: Northwest Construction, Inc.


Northwest Construction, Inc., has begun digging what will be a mass grave for thousands of animals if we do not stop the building of the University of Washington's new underground animal lab. Their equipment--emblazoned with the Northwest Construction logo--is on the site and tearing up the earth for the sake of a paycheck. While corporations may usually be proud to advertise their logo, Northwest Construction has placed its name on a project that is intended to torture and kill thousands of animals in an underground hell--where they will bite and scream and go insane--and so their logo is a target. Aim at it.

labNorthwest Construction was hired as a subcontractor by general manager Skanska USA to do the site excavation and preparation for the Animal Research and Care Facility at 1450 NE Boat Street, on the UW's Seattle campus. As a target of the No New Animal Lab campaign, Northwest Construction must be convinced to back out of their contract with Skanska and to terminate all work on the lab project.

NWLetters welcoming Northwest Construction to the No New Animal Lab campaign were placed on the doors to their corporate office and the home of CEO and owner Brett Ferullo. They've been notified of what they need to do to stop the pressure against them. Let's convince them to do it: End all work on the Animal Research and Care Facility.

Northwest Construction, Inc.
2353 130th Ave. NE #100
Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: 425-453-8380
Fax: 425-453-8404