Northwest Construction Phone Action - Thursday!

NW PhoneAction

This week, Northwest Construction was announced as a new target of the No New Animal Lab campaign. Let's give them a proper welcome to the campaign this Thursday with a day of phone calls to their office!

Simply call 425-453-8380 and say: "I'm calling to ask that Northwest Construction terminate your contract with Skanska and end your work on the University of Washington's new underground animal lab."

**In addition to leaving a message in their general voicemail, connect to extension #180 to reach owner and CEO Brett Ferullo. Also, use extension #182 to reach President Ernie Ferullo and extension #181 to reach Vice President Gregg Ferullo.**

Northwest Construction was hired as a subcontractor by general manager Skanska USA to do the excavation for the University of Washington's Animal Research and Care Facility. Northwest Construction must be convinced to back out of their contract with Skanska and to terminate all work on the lab project.

Invite your friends, and get ready to make some phone calls on Thursday!