Target: Skanska USA


With the University of Washington (UW) Board of Regents recent vote to approve the Animal Research & Care Facility (ARCF), the No New Animal Lab campaign has shifted focus and pressure onto the point of construction...

Records requests obtained from the University of Washington indicate that construction contracts have been awarded to Skanska USA. Skanska is a Swedish-based multinational construction corporation; it is the largest in terms of market shares in the world. Skanksa has offices all over the world, including 25 offices and geographic markets in the US alone. Skanska prides itself on sustainability and claims it to be one of their core values. Yet they are about to begin construction on a project that is the embodiment of waste and callous treatment of life.

Construction is slated to begin in April of 2015, and we are putting the pressure on Skanska USA to terminate their contracts with the University of Washington. Without a construction company, no facility can be built. Without a facility, no animals can be held captive and tormented. It's that simple. We are going to demonstrate to Skanska how simple it is.

You can take action right now by calling and emailing Skanksa USA to tell them to pull their contracts with UW. Below is a template letter. Feel encouraged to personalize your message. Let Skanska know that you and many more say NO NEW ANIMAL LAB! 

Dear [Skanska contact],

I am writing to express my concern and opposition to your involvement with the animal research industry. According to reports from the University of Washington, Skanska USA is scheduled to begin construction this April on the UW's new Animal Research and Care Facility at 1450 NE Boat Street, Seattle.

The University of Washington’s history of using animals in research includes being fined by the USDA for allowing a primate to starve to death, citations for performing unauthorized experiments on primates, and evidence of primates engaging in self-mutilation. The UW uses and kills thousands of animals—primates, dogs, mice, pigs, rabbits, cats, and others—each year, even though animal labs throughout the world have been shutting down due to public pressure, citations for the abuse and neglect of animals, activists’ exposure of the horrific conditions of labs, and a realization that the future of science is in innovative methods that produce more accurate results than using animals.

If Skanska USA builds this new facility for the University of Washington, you will be entangling your company with the UW's proven, and very public, record of animal cruelty. I implore you to break your contract with UW. Do not follow through with construction of the facility. Do not involve yourself with the animal research industry any further.

A company that claims to be committed to the environment should not dirty its hands with the blood and waste of vivisection.


[Your Name]

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