From Letter Writing to Home Protests

From Portland activists: On Monday evening Portland Animal Liberation hosted a letter writing event for the public to send letters directly to those responsible for the ARCF project--UW, Skanska USA, and Northwest Construction, Inc. Volunteers got together to express written concerns about the ARCF lab and animal research.* The letter writing event wasn't limited to writing Skanska, UW, or NW Construction. Attendees also wrote to prisoners to send support and solidarity behind bars. The campaign does not limit its position of anti-captivity to nonhuman animals used in biomedical research facilities. We also support the liberation of all those held captive by the state, those serving time for acts of resistance, and those communities whose repression is constant lived reality. For a relatively comprehensive list of political prisoners, use this resource from NYC Anarchist Black Cross IMG_7337 After writing dozens of letters we headed to the home of David Schmidt for a quick surprise protest. Despite the protest being unannounced, the Beaverton Police Department greeted us at David's house. Undeterred the protest began by emphatically calling David Schmidt out to his neighborhood--for his indifference to animal abuse, his profit-seeking motive, and his key role in authorization of Skanska's contract. IMG_7352 Beaverton Police Officer Randy Gottwald used a number of fabrications to try to shut protests down, including lying about the neighborhood being private property (which it is not). He took photo and video of protester's faces in an attempt to intimidate. In spite of Officer Gottwald and the rest of Beaverton PD, the protest continued strong. We reminded David Schmidt, yet again, that until he terminates the contract with UW, we will be back. david-schmidt-skanska david-schmidt-skanska From letter writing to home protests to prisoner support, this campaign will use and continue to support a diversity of tactics to stop this lab. *If you would like to write your own direct letter asking leadership to stop the project, you can reach Skanska and UW at these addresses:

SKANSKA USA Richard Cavallaro, CEO/President6 Castle Harbor Rd.Huntington, NY David Harrison, Senior Vice President (Officer in Charge for the lab project)1637 219th Pl. SESammamish, WA Lew Guerrette, Team Leader for the lab project2404 244th Pl. NESammamish, WA Chris Toher, Executive Vice President613 13th Ave. WKirkland, WA Peter Maslenikov, Project Manager9537 Mary Ave. NWSeattle, WA UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON  Ana Marie Cauce, UW President11310 34th Ave. NESeattle, WA Bill Ayer, Chair of the UW Board of Regents15829 SE 56th PlaceBellevue, WA Patrick Shanahan, Vice Chair3941 NE Surber Dr.Seattle, WA Paul Jenny, UW Vice Provost2534 8th Ave. WSeattle, WA Jeremy Jaech, UW Regent1000 14th Ave. ESeattle, WA David Anderson, Director of Health Sciences Administration12056 7th Ave. NWSeattle, WA Constance W. Rice, UW Regent98 Union St. #507Seattle, WA