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skanska uw arcf lockdown

Yesterday was amazing. By scaling and locking to an excavator belonging to Northwest Construction, activists bravely stopped construction for over 12 hours at the site of the proposed Animal Research and Care Facility. Not a single piece of equipment started that day. Not one ounce of earth moved.

The two activists arrested, both of whom are still in custody, are awaiting arraignment on charges of Criminal Sabotage. In Washington, Criminal Sabotage is a Class B Felony.

skanska uw arcf arrest

We now need to stand by these strong individuals, who acted not in their own interest, but in the interest of the animals who would face generations of captivity and abuse inside the walls of the Animal Research and Care Facility. They weathered the rain and cold for over 12 hours, perched atop a macabre machine and desolate landscape, purposed for the growth of the animal research industry. Now they will have a long and trying battle in the courts. We will have their backs.

Please make donations to our legal fund. Please share this post and ask your friends and supporters to help. The activists yesterday directed a message at Skanska and UW, "You will not build this lab." Our movement's message to the activists must be, "You will not fight alone."