Lab site lockdown creates an inspiring moment in the NNAL campaign and receives national attention


Many of the people who came out to the construction site of the proposed animal lab yesterday to support Oliver while he was locked to an excavator had many moments of fighting back tears because of the image before us. In the middle of a torn up piece of earth and the heavy machinery that's digging what would be an underground nightmare for animals, there was a sign of resistance. Oliver sat locked to the top of the excavator for a painful twelve hours, as his support person took gentle care of him. Quite simply, they were hope in the midst of destruction.

By locking to the excavator, Oliver stopped work on the animal lab for the day. That day is something that we must all now cherish, and make matter. Oliver and his support person earned us another day to use to stop this lab from being built. Embrace the resistance and hope that they created by putting their bodies on the line, and take note that this campaign is effectively creating the power that we need to stop this lab from being built. Make each day matter.

The world is paying attention to the rising wave of resistance to this lab. From how the animal liberation movement has been ignited to the growing support of the public, the No New Animal Lab campaign is taking the University of Washington and Skanska by storm. Through acts of resistance and hope, this lab will not be built.

Sample of the national media coverage of the lockdown:

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