Midnight Vigil at David Schmidt's House

From Portland activists: 

After a weekend of action, networking, and organizing that ended with a 50-person demonstration outside the home of David Schmidt and a bogus arrest, Skanska has again been laying low, hoping to have sent a message to the public that opposition will be quenched. Instead and with quick resolve, animal advocates have brought pressure back on Skanska and its executives.

David Schmidt is in charge of Northwest operations. David Schmidt is the Chief Operating Officer. David Schmidt oversees projects all throughout the region. David Schmidt authorized the lab. David Schmidt signed the contract. Instead of owning up to his role, influence, and responsibilities to an organized and outraged public, he hides in his home, in his cul-de-sac, and in his office. He has his neighbors create hysteria. He has the police do his bidding.

So activists returned to his home, this time at midnight, armed with flickering flames, and lit by candlelight. Silently we stood outside David's home in a vigil to honor the animals that he, Skanska, and UW hope to bury beneath the soil.


Night after night we will return. As long as you continue to use your home as an escape to deflect public advocacy, we will return.