Charges filed against activists who locked to excavator for 12 hours

lockdownThe two activists who locked themselves to an excavator on the construction site for the lab received notification that they will be arraigned next week on charges of Criminal Trespass in the 2nd Degree, a misdemeanor under Washington State law. Although the State initially tried to intimidate them with threats of charging them with Criminal Sabotage -- a Class B felony -- such charges are not being filed, and this campaign remains strong and steadfast in the face of attempts at intimidation.

Despite attempts by the University of Washington and Skanska to keep the lab out of sight and out of mind -- both by planning to literally bury animals underground to be tortured for the sake of grant money and by trying to keep the lab plans hidden from public scrutiny -- people continue to speak out against the lab and put their bodies on the line. The UW and Skanska keep trying to silence and chill this campaign, but criminal charges, lawsuits, and lies to the public won't work to stop the momentum.

"No New Animal Lab" has become a rallying cry, and people have shifted from saying "If you build it, we will come." to "You will not build this lab." It's happening: the animal liberation movement is rising, and believing in itself once again. Let's turn the beauty of what was this single act of resistance into uncompromising inspiration. Let's make history and stop this lab.

Please help make sure that everyone who is dealing with legal battles feels the support of the movement. Go here to make a donation to the legal fund if you're able. Thank you.