Home and Office Protests Persist in Seattle

From Seattle activists:

As summer heats up across the Northwest, activists in Seattle have been organizing some of their favorite outdoor activities--office and home protests against Skanska USA!


On Thursday evening a group visited Dave Harrison and Lew Guerrette, Senior Vice President and Team Leader for the ARCF, respectively. Activists chalked and chanted, reminding these executives and Skanska in general that public opposition will flow into the summer season.



The following morning there was a public protest held outside of Skanska's Seattle offices.



As long as they plan to build this lab, Skanska executives can expect their summer to be packed with campaign activities. They plan to bury thousands of animals under the earth, confined in wire cages, shielded by walls and ceilings from the light of the sun. Summer will be no celebration until this lab is stopped. We will make sure of it.