Wake Up, Bunny Killer!

Reportback from Portland activists:


At 7:00am on Monday morning, activists brought a wake up call to the home of David Schmidt, Skanska COO and the person who signed the contract for the animal lab on behalf of Skanska. "Wake up, Bunny Killer!" they shouted, and then proceeded to chant and chalk the street in front of his house to kick off his work week with the loud reminder that this campaign won't go away until Skanska walks away from the lab contract. The early morning protest included a special guest -- a giant bunny who joined the activists to tell Schmidty to not build a lab in which their other bunny friends would be tortured and killed.


The Monday morning home protest was followed by a Tuesday afternoon Skanska office protest. People lined the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the Koin Center, in which Skanska's office is located, and had a protest that was loud enough to echo into the building, where Skanska employees can't ignore that their jobs are intertwined with animal torture. Rather than a giant bunny, a little dog joined the office protest -- a reminder that dogs are already subjected to cruel experiments at the University of Washington, and that if we care about the dogs with whom we share our homes, we should care about all of the dogs who are locked away in labs.


Whether home or office, Skanska executives will continue to feel the pressure of the No New Animal Lab campaign and not be allowed to ignore all of the animals that will be killed should they continue to move forward with plans to build a new animal lab at the University of Washington.