Skanska USA CEO & President Richard Cavallaro Protested at His Home!

On July 26, 2015, NYC Animal Defense League along with local Long Island activists visited the home of Skanska USA President & CEO, Richard Cavallaro to remind him of the vehement public opposition to Skanska’s University of WA contract.

Richard Cavallaro

When they arrived at the location, the activists were greeted by two police officers and a security guard that Cavallaro had hired to monitor the protest while sitting in a parked car in Cavallaro’s driveway. In addition to the heightened security measures, there were also numerous “No trespassing” signs installed and strategically placed in front of Cavallarro’s home and neighborhood. The police officers were non-confrontational and allowed protesters to stay for over an hour and exercise their first amendment rights, while keeping their distance in their patrol cars.