#StormSkanska in Seattle: Home Protests

From Seattle activists: 

On Sunday evening animal activists in the Seattle area protested the homes of Dave Harrison and Lew Guerrette of Skanska USA, Senior Vice President and Project Team Leader, respectively. Dave and Lew have been protested numerous times and have made no attempt to speak with the concerned public or their critics. Instead they hide behind closed doors, window curtains, police, and aggressive neighbors. Yesterday was no different.


Dave Harrison was first. As the group of activists began protesting outside his house, one of Dave's neighbors rode by on a scooter and dropped lit fireworks right next to the activists. The resultant smoke filled the streets while the person scooted away. Despite this silly attempt to interfere, the protest continued unabated.


Next was Lew Guerrette. Lew claims to be an animal lover, even once remarking that he would prefer this lab not be built, on a personal level, and that he would never want his dogs to suffer like those in UW labs. His "business is business" attitude is nothing more than complicity in imprisonment and murder of thousands of animals. As an executive he is accountable to his company's profit motive. So activists left the appropriate messages for him to see.



With four days left, #StormSkanska continues around the country...