#StormSkanska Protest in Los Angeles!

Reportback from Los Angeles area activists:

Skanska got another lunch time call outside their Los Angeles headquarters on Tuesday, July 28th. As a few of us leafleted and talked to interested passersby, we let the whole building know that not only will nonhuman animals be killed in the new underground research lab that they are building for the University of Washington, but also humans themselves will be harmed. Skanska’s website makes a big deal about being an ethical company: “We are committed to operate in accordance with the highest standards in terms of … impacts on society and product responsibility.” We challenged this by pointing out that animal research is an outmoded and poor investment in bad science that denies the public valid results and leads research down false paths in the pursuit of tax dollars. How is that responsible?


Skanska also claims to be sustainable: “Sustainable Development can be defined in many ways. Common definitions include meeting the needs of the world today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. … In family terms, it means not cheating on our children.” But by partnering with a science industry that rewards greed before medical breakthroughs is not Skanska compromising the health of all and cheating present and future generations of medical cures?


We also carried with us a “Free Kevin Olliff” poster as a way to bring attention to the case, and as a reminder to fellow activists to Support Kevin and Tyler. They are at a critical stage in the federal government indictment of them on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Sentencing is set for Nov. 5 for Tyler and Nov. 9 for Kevin in Chicago. Be there for support if you can!