NNAL Tour Gets Homesick, Visits David Schmidt One Last Time Before Heading Off!

Reportback from the NNAL Tour:

Before leaving for our six-week, country-wide summer expedition, the No New Animal Lab Tour couldn't help but visit Skanska USA Co-Chief Operating Officer one more time to remind him and his neighbors of the needless maiming, torturing, and killing that will occur if construction of the University of Washington's "Animal Research and Care Facility" goes forward as scheduled. On Tuesday, we went to David's neighborhood, drew slogans in chalk on his street and sidewalk, and chanted messages into David's home. We will not rest until Skanska cuts their ties with UW once and for all.

While we're on tour, activists with the No New Animal Lab campaign will continue to visit David and his family in his neighborhood and at his office. David signed the contract with UW on behalf of Skanska USA. We will never forget, and we will never back down!

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