NNAL Tour Visits the Bay Area

Reportback from the NNAL Tour:

After leaving from Portland the No New Animal Lab tour headed to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet up with Animal Defense League San Francisco. ADL has been active here for almost a year, focusing on campaigns such as No New Animal Lab and Gateway to Hell. They also organize a lot around prisoner support and have monthly prisoner letter writing nights throughout the Bay Area.

We joined for one such night on Wednesday at the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, where we gave a campaign presentation and facilitated discussion while writing letters to a variety of political prisoners.

IMG_4463 IMG_4468 IMG_4469 IMG_4478 IMG_4487 IMG_4492

The next day we took to Oakland for a protest against Skanska USA's corporate offices. They closed off all entrances to the building but one pair of doors in anticipation of the protest, and we followed with chants that echoed through the busy downtown streets and chalk that filled the sidewalks surrounding the building.

Leaving Skanska feeling relieved that the protest had ended, activists returned only hours later and surprised them with a protest inside the lobby of corporate office tower.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.42.10 PM

We ended our Bay Area visit with a night cap at the home of Len Vetrone, the Co-Chief Operating Officer for Skanska USA for the California region. Len, like his counterpart in the NW David Schmidt, is a key executive within Skanska's internal decision-making hierarchy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.52.35 PM

Skanska should be prepared for more. The tour has just begun and there are a lot of office buildings and a lot of neighborhoods to enjoy as we go sightseeing across the US. #NNALTour