Seattle home demos and chalking against UW and Skanska!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:


People in the Seattle area brought attention back to University of Washington leadership this week with a protests at the homes of UW President Ana Mari Cauce and Vice Provost Paul Jenny. At Dr. Cauce's house, people noticed her cat watching through the window, causing them to wonder about how someone can love the animals in her home while sentencing other animals to life and death in an underground lab. At Paul Jenny's house, a neighbor attempted to drown out the sounds of the protest with a lawnmower, but no one was deterred -- they continued to chant loudly so their voices echoed through the neighborhood and let everyone know that Paul Jenny and his university continue to attempt to expand animal research at UW.


Earlier in the week, Skanska USA's Seattle office felt the pressure of having their support of animal torture exposed. At night, people covered the sidewalk in front of their office with messages about dropping the contract for the lab for Skanska executives and their office neighbors to see the next morning. It was surely a start to the day that reminded them that until they end their facilitation of animal torture, they will continue to see signs of opposition.