NNAL Tour Surprises Skanska Phoenix!

From the No New Animal Lab Tour: 

Leaving from Los Angeles and driving straight through to San Antonio seemed like a long shot, so we decided to take a short stop in Phoenix and surprise Skanska's new fast-growing office there. Executive Vice President Ross Vroman and other previously NW-based executives played significant roles in developing Skanska's Phoenix market, and they maintain ties to Skanska executives in Portland and Seattle, the ones most culpable for the UW contract.

Early in the morning we took our protest directly into their corporate offices, where management and executives can't hide from growing campaign pressure.

disruptThen we visited the neighborhood of Ross Vroman, EVP. Skanska must pay their executives pretty well, albeit with blood money, because Ross is fortunate enough to live in a private country club, fit with its own private gulf course and tennis courts. So he must have felt even more shame and embarrassment when he came home to see posters of his face with the text, "Ross Vroman profits from animal abuse!" on every street sign and entrance gate in his luxurious and elitist social club.




After leaving Phoenix, we met up with folks at Oak Flat, a site currently being occupied by the Apache Nation to defend it from mining interests of Resolution Copper, a domestic front of foreign mining giant Rio Tinto. Copper mining has already desecrated so much land in Southern Arizona, the traditional territory of the Apache. This land has been transformed from an island of rich oak and manzanita woodland into open pits mines that checkerboard the vibrant sandstone like deep wounds. Now even more is threatened by the "Southeast Arizona Land Exchange" rider added to the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, pushed by John McCain and other Arizona representatives. Along with Oak Flat, Apache Leap where Apache warriors chose to jump off a cliff face rather than surrender to US Calvary, is also threatened. Both hold spiritual significance and are being vehemently defended from mining.

IMG_4617 IMG_4620

We briefly networked with Apache Stronghold, the group spearheading these efforts, and they asked for continued support and solidarity as they organize against Resolution Copper, Rio Tinto, and the congressional land grabs that threaten their territory. Please learn more at: http://www.apache-stronghold.comIMG_4619