The NNAL Tour continues through Texas!

Reportback from the NNAL Tour:

After making our way through San Antonio and Austin, the No New Animal Lab Tour continued through cities in Texas with a stop in the Dallas area where we worked with Animal Connection of Texas. The day started with a protest in Irving, where Skanska's office is located on the fourth floor of the Crestview Tower at 105 Decker Court. Despite the presence of building security, the group of activists brought the protest to the door of the building, with bullhorns pointed at the glass doors behind which people gathered to watch. Some onlookers came outside to express their support for the protest and horror at learning that they share an office building with a corporation that is building an animal lab.


Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.16.46 AM

Following the office protest, people gathered for a presentation about the campaign and discussion of how people can get more involved in pressuring Skanska to drop the contract for the lab; some even talked about traveling to Seattle for the upcoming March on University of Washington.


The day concluded with a surprise nighttime home demo at the Prosper house of Eric Bunner, a Skanska Vice President. His sleepy neighborhood erupted with the noise of the campaign as activists began a protest on his front porch, and then chanted in front of his house for the neighborhood to hear. As the group was leaving, they passed kids riding around on their bikes who asked what the protest had been about. When people explained that Eric's company is building a new animal lab in which animals will die, the kids said that it was messed up. Simple as that, and time for Eric and the rest of Skanska to start fixing that mess by dropping the contract.

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