Announcing Weekend Cyber Actions Against Skanska!


Skanska USA is planning to build a new underground animal research facility for the University of Washington, and NO NEW ANIMAL LAB is an international campaign to convince Skanska to cut their contract with the UW.

A multi-billion dollar corporation that is planning to profit off of building a facility that would house the torture of thousands of animals shouldn't get to have weekends away from being told to NOT build a new lab.

So, every weekend a new Cyber Action will be posted. Keep watch for each weekend post, and take action!

Cyber Action for Weekend of December 20-21:

Visit Skanska USA's Facebook page and leave comments on posts. You can comment with text, images, videos, links... Get creative.

Here are some good images to post!

skanskaanimalkillers dontbuild construction for animal cruelty BUILDING ANIMAL LABS SKANSKA_MAC_PANTONE [Konvert] Skanska Leaflet PNG

This is an example of what we're asking folks to do:

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.10.10 PM

It's easy! Follow suit. Flood their Facebook with things like this! Every post they make should be drowned in comments from #NoNewAnimalLab supporters. Help make that happen.