NNAL Tour Passes Through Orlando and Atlanta

From the NNAL Tour:

Leaving Florida was tough. We had such a great time protesting for three consecutive days that it seemed like our time there wouldn’t end so soon. So after leaving for Atlanta, we decided keep it up and take a short detour to visit Robert Utsey, Senior Vice President for Skanska USA in Orlando.

Like many of his Floridian cohorts at Skanska, Robert lives in a private gated community (at 150 Laurel Oak Dr., Longwood, FL), presumably because Skanska’s blood money affords him both the luxury and the need for privacy. We pulled up to the gate and rang for “Utsey” on calling pad. Someone picked up (perhaps a spouse) and we asked for “Robert Utsey of Skanska USA.” The person on the other end suspiciously asked us who we were. So we told her that the No New Animal Lab Tour wanted to visit with Robert. She then hung up on us. So we tried calling again. No answer. So we called one more time. Again, no answer.


We were left with no other choice but to leave chalk at the community’s entrance gate. If Robert or any other executives refuse to talk with us, then one way or another we will let their neighbors know that they are profiting from animal killing.

Later that night we arrived in Atlanta. Skanska has a strong presence in Atlanta and their office there oversees many projects in the Southeast. We met up with locals and took trips to the home of Clovis Clay Haden.


Haden is a Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of Skanska USA Building, who lives at 850 Loridan Circle NE. He had clearly been prepped for the tour, as he had posted Skanska’s now well-known bright orange and laminated “no trespassing” sign at the end of his driveway. We started with chalk in front of his home and driveway before erupting into loud protest. Clay’s neighbors came out to watch and take pictures while we called attention to his role in animal abuse.


A note to Skanska executives everywhere: You can keep hiding in your gated neighborhoods or in your homes. That doesn’t matter to us. We can still find you and we will hold you accountable.