Skanska Exec Mac Glinn Flees His Home As Florida Activists Arrive with Bullhorns and Trombones


On the evening of September 11, Everglades Earth First! paid a visit to the Miami Shores home of MacAdam "Mac" Glinn, Senior Vice President of Skanska USA's South Florida operations, for the third time in two weeks. The home demo was planned in solidarity with the No New Animal Lab Tour’s stop in New York City, where Skanska USA is headquartered.

People yelling through megaphones and holding signs came around the back of Mac's house, surprising him in the middle of mowing his lawn. He and his wife knew exactly what was happening, and immediately scurried inside and closed the blinds, leaving the lawnmower running. Shortly after, the garage door opened, and they fled their home in their car. Activists continued to protest outside the home, alternating between chants, the insufferable bellow of an inexpertly played trombone, and announcements to Mac’s neighbors describing the horrific fate of animals used in "scientific" research. Protesters asked Mac if building the Animal Research and Care Facility was worth tarnishing Skanska's public image. A chalked message on the sidewalk in front of Mac's house read "Mac Glinn profits off animal torture."


Police showed up eventually and put a stop to the megaphones, but seemed otherwise relatively unconcerned with impeding the protest. One neighbor seemed particularly ruffled and forced himself into the group of protesters, repeatedly shouting, "This is an inappropriate venue for your discourse!" in a monotone bray until police coaxed him away. People kept up the noise for almost an hour. As they were leaving, a neighbor driving by pulled over to ask what was going on, and thanked demonstrators for yelling at Mac.