Sharing Some Loving Rage - Demos Everywhere in the NW

While the NNAL tour and campaign message reaches the doorsteps of Skanska executives nation-wide, regional activists are making sure the UW Board of Regents and regional Skanska elites in charge of construction of the lab are getting plenty of love too. Over the past couple weeks the local crews in Seattle and Portland have been charging up for the #MarchonUW on October 2nd with a ton of home demos and Skaska office protests.

UW and Skanska plan to mutilate and kill innocent animals... NNAL activists everywhere are determined to stop them. UW Regent Paul Jenny, Vice Provost of Planning & Budgeting, continues to receive loving home demos filled with chalk and chants of “We Will Stop This Lab!” and “Blood, Blood, Blood on Your Hands!” Seattle PD has even been joining in all the fun lately with lights-a-blazing. They even all felt it necessary to put their gloves on for one demo while guarding his home. Maybe they wanted to let Paul in on their own secret...that he needs clean gloves to hide his dirty hands.

20150913_173703   Screenshot (15)

Skanska execs in Seattle have been also been feeling the love lately. Weekly office demos continue unabated while home demos fill the time in between. NNAL's primary target is Skanska USA after all. The villains behind the construction of the Animal Research and Care Facility (ARCF) - Chris Toher, Seattle Executive Vice President , Dave Harrison, Seattle Senior Vice President and Officer in Charge, and Lew Guerrette, Team Leader have all been visited on multiple occasions.


Over in Portland, office demos are getting louder and louder the chalking is getting bigger and brighter. A recent office demo even attracted more noise when a man in an SUV joined in with some country music blaring. And David “Schmidty” Schmidt, Skanska COO of the NW Region and person who signed the contract never knows when he will get a rest from the campaign. Activists have visited him at his home dozens of times over the past year and the past couple of weeks have only added to the count.



National solidarity and a determination to fight for the liberation of the animals who are slated for death at the ARCF is at the heart of the NNAL campaign. Until construction is stopped and Skanska cuts its ties with this torture project, the grassroots AR movement will be filled with plenty more loving rage.

See you on the streets on October 2nd for the March on UW! No New Animal Lab!