Two Days From Now: Be a Part of History in the Making


You can save them. That statement isn't meant as a sentimental cliché or tired motivational speech. Right this second at UW, 2,000 animals are cowering in cramped wire cages, forcefully strapped into restraint devices, or splayed limp and lifeless on cold metal necropsy tables. Monkeys are suffering from severe dehydration, bloody diarrhea, and anal prolapse. Rabbits are inoculated and infected with Syphillis before being killed and dismembered. Dogs, who have been bred with congenital myopathy, have their muscles waste away, leaving them barely able to walk or stand on their own paws.

At University of Washington labs, 2,000 stories like these unfold every second of every day. 2,000 daily realities of unimaginable suffering, intense confinement, violent research protocols, and inevitable death. 2,000 tortured experiences inside those cold and clinical walls, stolen from what was once their world--the warm sunlight that enveloped their skin, the fresh air that filled their lungs, the crisp grass beneath them or brilliant night sky above. These are 2,000 stories too many, and UW wants to create even more.

The fight against the Animal Research & Care Facility was waged almost one year ago, and has grown immensely in that time period. Dozens of cities, multiple countries, and countless actions later and here we are, two days away from the second March on the University of Washington--a march against animal testing, and a march to rebuild a movement. As a movement we are at the cusp of something powerful, but we are at a crossroads. Will we choose to stand idle and watch as these violent institutions consume countless lives unabated, leaving advocacy efforts to the corporate nonprofits or self-styled "professional" activists? Or will we choose to recognize the power of the masses and strike at every pillar of animal exploitation until the whole structure crumbles to the ground?

We are done asking nicely. We are no longer waiting for change. We will force change on our own terms. The only question for you is: Will you join us? The options are laid out before you. The only thing standing in the way of this lab and the suffering of animals condemned to die within is our collective resistance. You can save them. 

When: This Friday October 2nd, 2pm PT
What: Mass Protest Action and Rally Against UW and Skanska.
Who: No New Animal Lab campaign & Grassroots Animal Advocates from Across US.
Where: March Begins at University of Washington, Seattle Campus - Red Square