#HauntSkanska: Halloween Weekend of Action!

Imagine being literally buried alive, two stories under the surface, deprived of sunlight or even a glimpse of the outside world. You are nearly suffocating from the stench of feces and urine, compounded by the odorous cocktail of stale latex, formaldehyde, ammonia, and perhaps hundreds of other chemicals. You wish to escape, but find yourself confined to a tiny filthy wire cage, in which you are barely able to move, and encrusted with waste, blood, and dirt.

You feel desperately alone, despite the neverending screams and cries of the hundreds of others who surround you. You cannot see them and they cannot see you, but you are all being watched; observed. Every so often, you are forcibly removed, restrained, and violently probed--your body is the subject of repeated, systematic, and methodical abuse.

You begin to detach and withdraw into your mind. Your only recourse becomes further isolation, alienation, and insanity. Even the sight of others--splayed dead limb from limb, dismembered and dissected--no longer phases you. You know your time nears. Death is coming.

These horrors are real. They are not defined by Hollywood films or urban legends. These are the material realities of vivisection and the animal research industry. These are lived experiences of animals inside of labs. These are the depraved designs of UW leadership and Skanska USA, who hope to enact them through the construction and operation of the Animal Research & Care Facility. As Halloween approaches, remember that panic and terror are not confined to ghoulish nightmares or imaginative storytelling.


So celebrate this Halloween by fighting for the animals, and get creative--and haunting--while doing so. We are announcing #HauntSkanska, a Halloween Weekend of Action from Friday, 10/30 to Sunday, 11/01, to provide such an outlet. When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? Trick or treat? Merry pranks? Scary costumes? Custom Jack-o'-lanterns? Haunted houses? Creative decorations? Mischief Night? Thematic revelry? Nighttime activities? So many possibilities! And every one them can find their special place this Halloween.

Make this year one to remember for the animals. And make it one to remember for Skanska, whose sadistic executives are building real life houses of horror just to turn a profit. Happy Halloween!