Morning Letter Writing, Afternoon Home Demos

From Portland activists: 

There are a lot of ways to get involved in the No New Animal Lab campaign. From generating petitions to storming into office buildings with bullhorns, the strategy of this campaign is to employ all these tactics in a complementary way. We can better build a movement and better confront the institutions abusing animals if we create strategies that utilize a diversity of tactics.

So this past Sunday morning, Portland-based campaign supporters and activists with Portland Animal Liberation hosted a letter writing brunch in the morning, followed by a series of home protests in the early afternoon.


About 15 supporters attended to write dozens and dozens of letters and postcards to people involved in the decision to build the new lab, specifically Skanska executives and UW leadership. Everyone also wrote letters of support to political prisoners, with the help of a detailed guide from NYC Anarchist Black Cross.  We left with a large stack of letters and postcards, and set off to the homes of a couple Skanska executives in the area.


As the rain began pouring down, a crowd of protesters approached the residence of David Schmidt, the signatory who doomed thousands of animals to lives of captivity and torture. David is the much beloved subject of protest in the Portland area, since it is his name that appears on the contract between Skanska USA and University of Washington. Fortunately for David, the protest love won't end with this one protest. In fact he can expect a number of letters in the mail that will shower him with the attention that he deserves.




After leaving David's house, protesters headed to the Sherwood home of Tim Baugus, Senior Vice President. Tim doesn't get as much love as David, mostly because Schmidty is so clearly to blame for Skanska's role in the project. Nevertheless, as an important executive in the northwest, Tim Baugus deserves some love too. Apologies for leaving you out Mr. Baugus, you can expect more attention from now on.


If you want to get involved in the campaign--if you want to do anything from writing letters to protesting homes--then we've got good news for you! Just stay tuned for the next few days and expect an important announcement from the campaign! #StormSkanska