Stuart E Graham, Skanska Chairman, Visited at South Florida Residence

Received anonymously:

Although Stuart E. Graham is current Chairman of the Board of Directors and former President and CEO of Skanska AB, the Swedish global parent company, he apparently lives in the United States. In fact, Stuart lives in a lavish private community in south Florida. As Chairman and former global CEO, Stuart Graham may be the single most influential Skanska executive in the United States. Mr. Graham is also a major investor in Skanska, owning close to 100,000 shares, totally about $1.8 million USD.


Luckily, even though Stuart Graham is so influential and important within Skanska, he is not inaccessible. We went to his neighborhood at night and posted flyers all around his elite community, warning the public of his presence and involvement in systemic animal abuse. We even left flyers on his front door, at 201 Clarkson Ln., Vero Beach, FL.


Stuart Graham—welcome to the campaign to stop Skanska and UW. If you would like to tell Stuart to use his power to stop the lab, send him a letter at the above address or call him at home at (772)-231-1289.