DC and Virgina #HauntSkanska on Mischief Night

#HauntSkanska report from DC activists:

"DC-area activists gathered outside Skanska's Arlington VA office Friday afternoon.  The "Skanska Kills Puppies" banner and demonstrators' chanting reminded employees and people on the street that Skanska's contract will let the UW exploit thousands more animals--animals who think and feel just like our beloved cats and dogs.


Later, noisy groups visited the homes of Christopher Cardinale, Senior VP and General Counsel, and Stephen Skinner, Executive VP and General Manager of Skanska's DC office.  Though Skinner was clearly visible listening and watching through his window, neither was willing to come outside and face demonstrators.  A group of Skinner's neighbors began chanting back, attempting to drown out the demo and adding to the noise.  When a couple other confrontational neighbors came outside to complain (at 8pm) that that the demo was waking up their kids, protestors calmly explained that they should talk to Skinner about his company's decisions.  The neighbors replied instead that they'd "send a donation to Skanska" and threatened to "bring out" their dog. Protestors left even more determined to continue demos in Skinner's cul-de-sac."