First NO NEW ANIMAL LAB Home Demo! UW President's House!

UW president home demo

Reportback from Seattle activists:

Today activists kicked off home demonstrations in the No New Animal Lab campaign with a protest at the mansion of University of Washington President Michael Young. Activists arrived at his home at 808 36th Ave. E, in the affluent Washington Park neighborhood of Seattle, with bullhorns and signs that shamed the UW and construction company Skanska USA for plans to build a new underground animal lab.

The activists chants echoed through the neighborhood, and some neighbors came out to see what was going on. Activists announced to the neighborhood that they were there because Michael Young’s school is planning to build a new lab, and encouraged the neighborhood to talk to him about not doing so.

There was no sign of Michael Young, but neither he nor anyone else with the UW or Skanska USA can hide from activist pressure. Activists throughout the country will continue to bring the message to front doors, offices, and more, and the message should be clear: activists will increase pressure against Skanska USA until they cut their contract to build the new animal lab, and activists won’t let UW hide animal testing underground.

The security camera on a light post to the side of Michael Young’s driveway likely captured the protest, so he can watch the protest over and over to make sure he doesn’t forget that activists across the country are fighting the building of the lab—and we will stop it from being built.

Pressure is continuing to increase, and this is still just the beginning. Get involved in the fight and help make history in the animal rights movement by stopping the construction of a new animal lab.