Another Skanska protest in Los Angeles!

Reportback from Los Angeles activists:

Activists returned yet again to Skanska's corporate office in Los Angeles with bigger numbers and more megaphones. The security guards and police were ready standing on guard and even more annoyed than ever. The cop once again attempted to shut down the megaphones, but this time activists came prepared with the municipal codes for amplified sound that clearly stated the legality of the use of megaphones. It became clear that the cop did not know what he was talking about. As he became more frustrated, a "lawyer" from another corporate office across the street also confronted the activists with threats of citizens' arrest if the noise continued. With his petty cries of "not being able to think properly while he worked" due to the noise caused by free speech against animal cruelty, he became furious, aggressive, and threatening towards the activists. Nevertheless, the protest carried on informing Skanska, the public, and other surrounding offices that the construction of a new animal torture lab will not be tolerated and that protests will continue as long as Skanska plans to make blood money off of animal cruelty. The time is now for Skanska to make the compassionate decision to not build a new lab for the University of Washington, unless they want activists to keep coming back, angering their neighbors and security staff. There is already tons of pressure on Skanska to do the right thing so that they won't have to deal with an entire movement of national grassroots animal rights activists at their doorsteps.

LA skanska protest