Early morning protest in Los Angeles!

Reportback from activists in Southern California:

For the second time so far in 2015 Progress for Science rose and shined for the monkeys with two early morning actions! Meeting at 6:30 a.m. in still dark foggy Westwood, three activists headed over to the street where Edythe London lives, the infamous vivisector who experiments on nonhumans with meth and nicotine because we all know harmful drug use is rampant in the monkey community and all. While leafletting some other early risers - mostly servants of the resident rich and dog walkers - to let them know who their neighbor is and how she is wasting their own tax dollars, we ran into Mr. London himself, Abe Wagner, out for a stroll with his two lovely breeder-bought dogs. 

After letting him inform us yet again that we are "old and ugly" we then took off to our next location on the part of the No New Animal Lab campaign - the Wilshire Boulevard offices of Skanska. While passing out leaflets we raised our voices high to let still sleep groggy office workers know that their suite neighbor - the international construction company Skanska doesn't just build bridges, stadiums, and whatnot they are also under contract to build a huge new underground animal research facility for the University of Washington. We made it clear - just the three of us - that if they want some peace and rest, they should cut their ties with animal tests just as soon as they possibly can.

It was a great way to spend of lovely cool, misty winter morning in LA - representing for the animals.

skanksa la